Rabbits are quiet, intelligent, clean, social creatures that with the right care can make great pets. Unfortunately, due to their cute
appearance, many rabbits are bought on an impulse, often for children, without much thought into the responsibility involved.
Children are often expected to be responsible for the care of the rabbit, but this rarely works, and leads to irregular feeding of the
wrong amount and type of food and poorly cleaned hutches. Signs of health problems are also more likely to be missed. Sadly, what
so often happens, once the novelty wears of, is the poor rabbit ends up confined to a hutch, stuck at the bottom of the garden or
being re-sold and even ending up in a shelter.If you are going to buy a rabbit for your child ensure that you will be prepared to take
care of it if your child loses interest. If you do decide to get a rabbit make it a family pet so everyone can chip in, your child is less likely to lose interest.

10 things to consider below:
1) On average
large rabbits live to between 5 to 6 years.

2)Hutches need to be cleaned out daily, come rain or shine.

3)Rabbits need some external exercise each day.

4) Rabbits need to be regularly checked, by an adult, for signs of health problems.

5) Most rabbits don’t liked to be picked up and cuddled.

6) Rabbits are not toys, children find it hard to understand this, so…

7) …Children can soon lose interest.

8) Rabbits are far happier with another rabbit.

9) Costs - such as hutch, run, food, and bedding.

10) Vet bills for vaccinations or illnesses
Please don't give young rabbits as Easter and Christmas Presents
A rabbit is yours for it's life.