We take the well being of our kits very seriously, if you can't answer YES to all the following questions we don't think a Continental Giant Rabbit is the right pet for you.

Can you provide adequate housing of at least a 8ft hutch and run?
Can you provide an adequate daily secure exercise area.?
Can you provide the time to supervise the rabbit's daily exercise time.?
Can you afford the vet bills that could be incurred in the event of illness.?
Have you someone resonsible to cover for holidays etc.?
Will there be an adult to supervise children when are involved?
Have you access to bulk buying and storing bales of Hay,Straw etc. (buying from a pet shop/supermarket is a very expensive way of providing for the needs of your rabbit.)

I'm sorry if you find the questions intrusive, they aren't meant to be, but as a reputable breeder of continental Giants we do come across people who are not suited to or equipped to keep larger breeds. So think carefully before committing yourself, any rabbit
is a serious committment for a few years, not until the novelty wears off and they
become the unwanted pet in a hutch at the bottom of the garden..

As a comparison, would you buy a small dog and keep it locked up in a 4 foot cage?
because that is what you would be doing with a Continental Giant Rabbit if you didn't give it the required housing and exercise it requires. Food for Thought !!!!!

Read this website thoroughly,it will give you an insight of what to expect.

When purchasing a rabbit from us you are entering into a contract with the Rossendale Giants

All rabbits leaving us are, in our opinion 100% fit and healthy.

Fully read this website, I strongly suggest that you follow the advise and introduce any of your own foods gradually.

We cannot be held responsible for any illness or death of a kit after 48 hours out of our care, and if you are seeking redress you must provide proof of a professional vetenary consultation

We will not be held responsible for illness through stress or trauma incurred through travel from us to the kit`s new home.

Please make sure you bring a suitable secure pet carrier with you.

Every effort is made to give the accurate sex of our kits - even at 10 weeks of age
we cannot give a 100% guarantee. Money will only be refunded,if an alternative kit can't be supplied in reasonable time

No sale will be entered into with persons under the age of 18 unless accompanied by an adult.

We have the right to refuse sale of our rabbits to any person considered unsuitable as an owner,and any body not being able to offer the right conditions to keep a Continental Giant rabbit.

No cash refunds will be made, a suitable replacement kit,will be supplied when available.
refunds ONLY, if an alternative kit can't be supplied in reasonable time.(within 2mths)

If a rabbit is returned because the owner has problems caring for it, we will accept it back
only if we have hutch space and no refunds will be given.

A £20 non refundable deposit must be made to secure a kit.

The full balance must be paid in advance if a pet courier is used and any disputes arising from the use of a courier is between yourself and the courier company.We prefer not to use a courier and our new owners to see and collect their choice of kit personally.

Please read the guidelines on this website if you are a decide to be a new owner.