Welcome to Rossendale Giants
This website is designed for new owners of Continental Giant Rabbits as well as a showcase to display the young rabbits I have for sale.

This site is NOT designed to put you off owning a Giant Rabbit but to point out items
you may not have thought of when you considered purchasing a Continental Giant Rabbit.

Hoping you find answers to your quest within the site,but if you have any questions
you would like answering please email me at djd.dawson@ntlworld.com and I will do
my best to answer.

There are no references to House Rabbit training or Bonding within this site, you will
need to go to the expert sites on these topics. try Rabbit Welfare Soc.,
House Rabbit Soc.

This is not a complete site for the care and well being of Rabbits,only items regarding
getting ready, feeding and caring that I have learnt along the way and may save you
having the same problems. So please start from the begining


From little kits the mighty conti grows !

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